TAYOR Welding Machine Serve Antarctic Taishan Station

China has set up fourth scientific research stations in the Antarctic, TaiShanStation, located at the princess Elizabeth place between Zhongshan Station andKunlun, about 522 kilometers from the station, about 85 kilometers from themountain, and about 2,621 meters above sea level. It is a summer station for theAntarctic inland inspection. It can provide the relay support, emergencysupport and air ground support for the Zhongshan Railway Station to KunlunStation, Mount Grove, Emory Ice Shelf Area. It is also an ideal place forgeological, glacial, mapping, atmospheric, geomagnetic, satellite remotesensing and other scientific research work. It has made positive contributionsto expanding the scope and scope of China's Antarctic expedition.


Shanghai TAYOR welding machine, with professional and reliable welding equipment, is very proud of the construction of TaiShan Station's steel structure.

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